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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a large hole in a back storage area of the publix on young circle. one of the cars hit the curb and knocked down some polls and went airborne and smashed into the building. the driver drks david moore was killed. his passenger roxanne avila was seriously hurt and survived. her sister tells us she doesn't know where she was. the or what she was doing before the crash. >> she tells us she dated him on and off for two year resist. >> nice, quiet girl. >> you know. >> bother nobody. >> just dating her. >> that's it. >> it is the fourth car that i have seen since i have been here that ran through the building. >> residents say far too many cars speed down hollywood boulevard. and they end up like this through the back wall of a building.
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soda. and juice. >> i heard it. i heard it so many times. seven, eight, times. at least. >> steve veb scott said he was startled a wake. >> i feel really bad that someone died. >> his family said she had broken bones and will recover physically from the terrible scent that claimed her boyfriends' life. >> they are investigating and speed did may a factor and if drugand alcohol were joarved. and -- observed and they can use this against the city of hollywood and convince them something has to be done about people speeding down hollywood boulevard. >> joan, thank you. nowak to the coverage of 2016 and the fight for florida is down to the final hours. >> voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots.
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florida voters have cast ballots ahead of the primary. florida is a closed primary which means you must be a registered democrat or republican to vote for your party's primary nominee. >> florida senator remark corubio getting ready to hold a a rally in west palm beach. >> he held a meet and greet with supporters in jacksonville and headeded to a meet and greet in melbourne. >> this is awe away from the sunshine straight. donald trump started his day in north carolina. he held a an event there with chris christie. and they headed to a campaign rally in tampa where he was endorsed by pam bondi. and ted cruz spent the day holding rally insist illinois. and john kasich spent the day in his hometown of ohio t and
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there was joined by former presidential nominee mitt romney. >> on the other side. hillary clinton was in chick guy t she held two events. this was a nonprochtd in the heart of the mexican-american rs community. >> bernie sanders campaigned in ohio before moving on to north carolina. >> so, here we are. on the eve of the longest presidential primary. joining live from new york. >> and this subpoena cbs senior news. she have chagaras and he was here a few days it is ago. >> news to see you again. >> if donald trump runs the tables tomorrow. is he unstoppable. >> i think pretty much, that's the case. >> they are going to be folks that suggest that ted cruz can stick around and try to fight him on delegate it is. >> if he runs the tables. tomorrow and in they are winner takes all state.
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and it is just going to be hard to stop him in the delegate race transport. >> he is behind him and show ttion trump way ahead. >> if he can't win the shoam state, he is done, right. >> i would say he has got to be. >> these are guys who are presently representing them. and whether it is the state house in the senate and in florida, they are context pected to win the places and historically, had the last 46 years or so, it has never happened. that elected officialless losing their home state in a presidential primary. >> for rubio, it would not only be a embarrassment. and seeing support drying up as well. >> don't see a path forward. >> else back here in the polls. and john kasich is neng and neck. could he be the dark horse if he picks up a win. >> that give it is him momentum.
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streap meant reporter as arguements. for him to stay in the race. >> in termless of delegates. kasich is so far behind. >> i don't see what it will do. and moving forward. pennsylvania and other, other northern states. are more precippive top kasich's mes saj and hope to keep him from getting enough dell defeats to get to the convention. >> interesting to see. >> steve, thank you very much. join us tomorrow morning on primary day for a special eddation of cbs four this morning. that is tomorrow morning from nine until 10. >> also, stay was cbs four news. and continuing coverage of 2016 now through election say. >> we hear, they are committed to bring did you inspiring stories.
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>> it is a group of tones who are nagally renowned. and their greatest victory might well be their work as victors. >> stephanie gomez subpoena thrilled to have her own office in the very law firm when she used to follow untear. >> i was a legal assistant -- my mom ras a real assistant many years ago. >> she found the one of the partners here. >> jonathan has been my mentor for 10 years now. he is like a second father to me. >> she was in law school. >> worked here one summer. i knew theefs a nice person. she is a good lawyer. i have been her helper. >> vied visor on everything. i even approved her husband. >> he said you better treat her right. >> this type of story and mentor story is not unusual. it is part of the culture here.
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for john kosak, it is a need to make a difference. >> it as significant yes gated community. i don't understand what the hatest was about and how people would choose to judge people on the basis of race. >> reporter: when i had a chance to do something about it, i tried to pay back. >> pay back he has. and he started the minority membership program. that include as annual picnic connects judges with law students. >> i need a mentor stuck sticker. and -- sticker. and he asked if i wanted to be mine. i said. what do you do. >> he said his name is on the door. >> i sort of at the moment thought. this could be a big change in my life. >> tony hallman met his harbor. >> harvey trolpin through the program.
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was hired as a stantd county attorney in broward. >> when he got sworn into the bar and to see the obvious pride they had in their son. i mean, that was a really special meement. >> i would consider harley like a second dad. >> he treats me like a son. >> i have got didn't to know his son and wife very well. > s a bond that i don't think is going away any time soon. >> it started with one man. and a vision. almost 20 years ago. and it has grown into a movement. >> it has created a ripple feblght. >> -- ripple effect. >> deeper than anyone could have imagined. >> the way he is with me, it is kind of contagious. and since i was in law school. i started mentoring other students because of how impactful everything he did for me.
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gotten as far without him and i feel i would be a coward not to pay it forward. . >> you can see the reports every monday at five. only right here on cbs four and how you can become a mentor head over to the website at /mentoring matters. and we have a whole list of organizations you can get involved with. >> i love the snowball effect. >> you mentor someone and they mentor someone. >> terror in turkey. we are learning about the weekend attacks that left people dead in turkey. >> richard simmons on the record. what he has to say about his whereabouts for the past two years. >> eat your blueberries, they might protect you from more than heart disease and cancer. >> all new at 6:00. >> the fight for florida is
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with more than 13 hourss to go before the polls open. >> this is before you head out to the polling place. >> iting part of the team coverage. >> man face as judge charged with his wife's murder.
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about it that . a bad night is linked to cancer. people with sleep apnea have worse out comes. >> they promoted the tumor growth. here is another reason to eat blueberries. researchers at the university of cincinnati say brew berries -- blueberries might fight off alzheimer's. it is equal to a cup of blueberries a day. showed improvement in had brain function. it might protect against the heart disease and cancer. >> they give you blue teeth. >> they do. and to plea. doesn't happen to you. >> maybe it does. >> try it out. >> still ahead. ambushed on the job. >> new details surface about the weekend shooting in maryland that left the 2-year-old police officer dead.
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the potentially history . they killed 37 people and wounded hundreds. they have strikes against the kurdish believing to be involved. they have suspects to the suicide car bombing in ankara and hundreds gathered for a mast funeral there -- mass funeral there. and they killed 29 people. new details on the ambush
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washington d.c. and investigators have made another arrest in the case. while releasing new evidence about the intentions of the accused gunman. >> craig boswell has the latest from the prince georges county. >> reporter: prince george asks county police draped the entrance to the district three station in black. in honor of colson, he was gunned down saturday afternoon in what they call an unprovoked attack. >> he launched an attack on a police station. and engaged several police officerless insist a gun fight to which they responded heroically. >> they are adding a makeshift memorial near the site of the shooting. >> he lives nearby and heard the gunshots. >> i got dup. when i heard the helicopter and came outside. >> i saw. you know, the policeman and everyone in a frantic state. >> he is being treated at the hospital and arrested two of his brothers.
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they intendeded to die in the shootout. >> law enforcement official whose came to the hospital where coal son is -- colson is being treated. >> he lit up the room. he is a tremendous personality that made everybody smile. >> we witnessed again another horrific act of evil and this is an act of coward dis. >> a new -- low. >> they were closed and it could have been 50 to 100 kids. >> police are expecteded to provide an update later today. in prince georges, maryland, craig boswell. two robot particular spacecraft begin as journey to mars today. it as unmanned space mission to find signs of life on the red planet.
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and the launch is expected to reach marches in mid-oakmont. >> so amazing to see it. >> john gerard joining us now. >> 86, 87 degrees in the middle of march. this is unusual. we should be at about 80. and we are well above normal. cool air in the final week of this winter. >> if you are around key biscayne and south beach and any more rain on the way. it is not. >> renegade shower has push the off the coast and same story for them in fort lauderdale. >> had a quick hitter. >> heavy downpour. and the sea breeze trieded to develop and then turned around and went back out to sea. >> just left over clouds. >> # five in miami. and 80 in keys west. any outdoor plans. later tonight, you don't have to worry about taking the
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>> it is -- umbrella. it is dry. >> 86 in miami. and 84 in fort lauderdale. all the way to 87 in oakland park and warm around the state as well. >> 85 in orlando and currently in medical wowrn and right around west palm beach. and that is a wicked killer storm. working its way through arkansas and pushing into the eastern portions of ohio valley and into west virginia. >> too far north to have an impact here. >> nice night with a gentle breeze. >> it is down to 70. few clouds and warm sunshine tomorrow and 86 degrees was the high temperature. >> it is going to be hot down there as well. >> bay water resist a light chop. >> you will cool off interest in you jump in. and look at middle 80s tssments warm sunshine through the end of the work week. >> it could give us a slightly better chance of storms on saturday and moves out on sunday.
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>> exciting new dallas are to christopher columbus program. >> they parts pated in the student development competitions in atlanta. where they game national champions for the second year in a row. they will be greeted by many members of the columbus community. >> they are the only high school in the country to ever win the competition two years in a row. >> big congratulations to you. >> they put the word out on social media and twitter. >> they are all over the place. >> still ahead. richard simmons speaking out. >> addressing concerns that he is held against his will for the pass two years with. >> this is the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than
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our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. rich of richard simmons is speaking out. an article by the new york
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said he stopped returning calls and e-mails. the fitness guru had not been seen for two years and reported that his friends believed he was being held against his will. he spoke to entertainment tonight. >> for the last 40 years, i have been traveling. teaching classes. he had a knee injury. so i had a knee replacements which is difficult and now my other knee is hurting me. i don't want another replacement. i have been taking it easy. >> the article also said that those close to simmons were taking advantage of the weak mental state. he said that, too is false. jeff and jill duggar are about to debut their new show. >> their brother josh who got out of rehab will not db part of the upcoming series.
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>> they join us from hollywood with more. >> eliott, rudabeh, we go inside as they try to put the scandal behind them. >> give it the best shot and he tried to take the whole family down. >> it is a very bad thing. >> god needs to draw us together. >> we have for given and we are moving on and looking to the future. >> unbelievable look alike and reshaped brother josh. john david joined six of his 18 siblings hurricane tank that their family is ready to return tomorrow. >> they get to have it just right and you have to cook it for the right amount of time. >> i have two different sized turkeys, too. >> there definitely has to be. >> i don't want cameras around. as we were talkinging to. you know what, if we can encourage and even one other
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that needs to be our goal. we have had a lot of healing in our family for the past months and we are ready to move forward and share our lives. >> it is 10 months since scandal hit the devout christian family. they said as a teenager, he molested five underage girls. including sisters. then forced to admit he was not faithful to wife anna. when outed, at ashley madison. while tlc said they were cutting ties with josh. they are still supporting him by having wife anna involved in the show. >> i don't know what i am stepping into. i don't know how to handle each situation. it is not anything. i ever would have thought i would walk through, just do the next right thing and for the next 15 minutes. >> we have so much more on the
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formore on the interview and all of the day's entertainments headlines. tune for the insider. that is right after entertainment tonight. >> i can't keep track. >> thanks a lot. here is what is ahead on the news at six. >> fight for florida. donald trump and marco rubio go toe to toe and in the bit to take home the 90 delegates. >> cruz, hillary clinton and bernie sanders all stumping for votes which is called super tuesday three. we have live extensive coverage of campaign 2016. safety alert in coral gable it is after a woman is attacked and robbed during an early morning walk. >> the news at six starts right now. . now at six, a final push to
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i am not taking the low road to the highest in the land. we are good people. >> the end of the day. love alwayses trumps hatred. >> a whirlwind campaign to the finish. fight for florida. >> live pictures right now from west palm beach where senator marco rubio is expected to take the stage in a matter of moments all part of this tour down i-95 in florida today. it as push that rubio hopes will make a difference as a new quinnipiac poll shows trump ahead by a margin of two to one. with 46% for trump. rubio gets 22% and senator ted cruz at 14. margin of error plus or minus 4%. >> the fight for florida is on. with polls across the state scheduled to open in 13 hours from now.
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this is beginning with cbs four, ted scouten. live at marco rubio's event in west palm beach. >> he arrived here just a few moments ago. we are still waiting for him to get onto the stage. he is a traveling man today. he started out in jacksonville and went to melbourne and then came here to west palm for a rally. >> up in the corner, there's where all eyes are right now. >> so he could make a last minute appeal to voters. >> young marco rubio supporters at atlantic university have been getting ready all day for his rally on campus k. >> this is the first election i will vote in. and i am ready to see a republican in the white house. >> marco. marco. >> he was logging a lot of miles. making a final push to get every vote he can. >> if we solve the problems, we can be greater than we have ever been.
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>> reporter: he tries to win the home crowd tomorrow. all recent polls show him a distant second to donald trump in florida. >> so, i am asking you to vote. i am asking you to find other people to vote and i am asking you to do everything possible over the next 36 hours to ensure not that we just win florida but we win decisively. meet and greets and at the spoke with optimism about the primary vote. he landed some jabs against hillary clinton and fellow republican donald trump. >> my concerns are stressed already. he will divide the republican party. >> he made reference to the increasing incidents of violence that are erupting between trump supporters and protestors. >> he is going to pay the legal fees. someone sucker-punched him the


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